We, at ski wear Stenata, offer our clients a chance to have fun at different attractions.
We can entertain you with both indoor and outdoor activities.

Air rings - we have fun with air rings at night. After 5p.m.
Air rings + hot beverages. The price for one hour is 30 BGN.

Ski doo
Ski doo is getting more and more popular around Pamporovo. The activity is based outside of the ski track. Our team can offer you and your family an amazing ski doo experience. An instructor can bring you to:
    - Perelik peak (highest peak in the Rodopi mountain)
    - Mechi Chal peak
Price: 1 ski doo (1 passenger) - 90 BGN
          1 ski doo (2 passengers) - 130 BGN

We set the price by talking to the client.


Hotel Stenata, Pamporovo